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Common Name: Red Ruffed Lemur
Scientific Name: Varecia rubra

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Family: Lemuridae
Genus : Varecia
Species: V. Rubra


The red ruffed lemur is a very cool animal. The scientific name for the Red Ruffed Lemur is Varecia Rubra.There are a lot of cool and interesting facts about the red ruffed lemur.

The Red Ruffed Lemur weighs about 3.5-4 kilograms. It’s about fifty three centimeters long with a sixty centimeter tail; also the females are slightly larger than the males. Its head, stomach, tail, feet, and insides of its legs are black. It has a white patch on back of its neck and could have white markings on its feet or mouth. The Red Ruffed Lemurs prefer the tropical forests of Masoala Peninsula. They live in the higher areas of the forests. This area is elevated up to 1006 meters. About 400 live in zoos. The lemurs are also found along the east coast of Madagascar.

Red Ruffed Lemurs are entirely vegetarian. They eat fruits, leaves, nectar, and seeds. The nectar that they eat is only available for short periods of time each year. When they didn’t have nectar they would eat pollen from flowers. The Red Ruffed Lemurs predators are snakes, fassas (a type of fox), and people. They are enemies with these things because they are often killed by these things.

There are about 52,000 lemurs left in the whole world. There population is shrinking because people are either hunting them or other animals are killing them. I think they should stay in zoos so they can live longer and not have to die by getting killed by things. Did you know that the Red Ruffed Lemurs can live up to 19 years when they live in the wild, but when they live in zoos they can live up to 32 years?

The red ruffed lemur overall is a very interesting animal. I hope you thought this lemur was interesting to. I think we should do our best to keep the lemurs alive longer. I think we all should help the lemurs survive.

Published: 01/2013


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