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Common Name: Black Lemur
Scientific Name: Eulemur macaco

Kingdom: Animalia 
Phylum: Chordata 
Class: Mammalia 
Order: Primates
Family: Lemuridae 
Genius: Eulemur
Species: E. Macaco


A Eulemur Macaco is a very interesting animal. These animals are vertebrates and vertebrates with backbone. There common name is the Black Lemur, and the scientific name is Eulemur Macaco. They are located in the Madagascar.

Their habitat and range is very large because they all live in the northwest of Madagascar. They only live in moist areas and the Madagascar surrounded by water. They mark there territory by, depositing a special scent of a glands on their ano-genital. They live in high treetops and deeper forest. Their habitat is endangered with chop and burn farmers.

The Eulemur macaco has black eyes rarely blue eyes. They are about 51-56cm tall and 90 to 110 cm in length. They weight between 1.8 and 2.0 kilogram. The male lemurs have black and dark brown fur, females have lighter fur with brown-medium, brown, and chestnut brown or even orange brown. They have large white ear lofts, and they reproduce sexual.

The Eulemur Macaco population is huge 100,000 – 10,000 lemurs. But their population is decreasing because people are tarring down the house. The main reason why the lemurs are declining is because slash and burn. They’re hunted by birds and fosse and how they get away is still unknown.

The Eulemur mostly eats fruit because there all over. 78% of their diet is fruit. The rest of the percent is flowers, fungi, leaves, and some in invertebrates. They compete with birds in the food web. Did you known that they spend most of there time grooming each other.

Author: Brandon P 

Published: 2/2011






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