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Common Name: Brown Lemur
Scientific: Name: Eulemur fulvus

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Family: Lemuridae
Genus: Eulemur
Species: F. fulvus


My report will be on the Eulemur Fulvus, or , Brown Lemur.  This species of Lemur is just one out of 49 different species of Lemurs.  Brown Lemurs are only found in Madagascar in the rainforest. Most of this time is spent in the trees.

The Brown Lemur usually weigh between four and six pounds, the male is usually slightly bigger than the female.  Eulemur Fulvus are always brown, which is why they are called the Brown Lemur.  Lemurs also have a long brown tale they use to hang from.  The Brown Lemur spends most of its time in the trees of the rainforest.  Lemurs tend to travel in groups of about 12 or more. Dwelling in the trees gives the Lemur easier access to food.

The Brown Lemur is found only one place, Madagascar.  The Lemur population is currently in danger.  One reason is loss of habitat.  This  combined with the local people hunting them has put the Brown Lemur in danger.

The diet of the Brown Lemur consists of mainly fruits, nuts, berries, and insects.  The Lemur usually eats in the daytime in the trees.  The Brown Lemur competes with other species of Lemurs for food.  The Brown Lemur also competes with different species of monkeys, who have a similar diet.  The Brown Lemur sometimes becomes a meal for the Boa Constrictor which is one of its main predators.
What was of interest to me was the fact that the Brown Lemur is a primate.  I learned many things I didn't know about the Brown Lemur.  I thought it was interesting that the Brown Lemur spends 95% of its life in the trees. It was also amazing that the Brown Lemur is found only in Madagascar. 

Author: Adrian M.
Published: 1/2013

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