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Family - Canidae

(Dogs, Wolves , Foxes, & Coyotes)



Canidaes are animals like dogs, wolves, foxes, coyotes and jackals. They have long snouts and non-retractile claws . They also walk on their toes. Most canidaes have 42 teeth and live in all continents except Antarctica. The members of the family Canidae, prey on other animals such as elk, rodents, rabbits, inscects and other animals. Canidaes catch prey by chasing it until it tires out. Then, they grab the neck and shake it. There are 34 species of canidaes and the populations has been getting smaller; For example coyotes are getting killed by ranchers for losses of sheep, and Foxes are getting targeted as carriers of rabies and for their pelts.


Author: Chester C

Published: 09/2008






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