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Family - Pinnipedia (Walruses, Seals, and Sea Lions)


Pinnipeds are semi-aquatic, fin-footed mammals. There are three different families in Pinnipedia; Otariidae, Pocidae, and Odobenidae. Otariidae contains 'eared seals', like the Northern Fur Seal and the South American Sea Lion. Odobenidae contains only one species: the Walrus. Pocidae has all of the 'true seals' in it. The Ring Seal and the Ross Seal are in Pocidae. True seals are more adapted to water than any other Pinniped and don't have an external ear. Eared seals are very vocal, land adapted, and somewhat resemble dogs. Walruses are the only Pinnipeds with tusks, though all Pinnipeds have blubber under their skin.


Author: Kennedy J

Published: 03/2009


Sources: Wikipedia (search: Pinnipedia) Seal Conservation Society at






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