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Common Name: Ciliated Sponge

Scientific name: Sycon ciliatum


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Porifera

Class: Calcarea

Order: Sycettida

Family: Sycettidae

Genus: Sycon

Species: S. ciliatum

Sycon ciliatum is a calcarea sponge, which is a sponge with a calcium skeleton. It is small compared to other more well known sponges. It grows as a single tubular shape. Many times it will cluster with others so it looks like several branches. It is off white with a kind of brown or grey tint. At the end of the tube is a typical oscula surrounded by a crown like spicules. They can grow to 9 cm, but typical is 1 - 3 cm. Their surface appears hairy. They are easily recognized because of their unique appearance. Where can you find S. ciliatum? They range from the Artic to southern Europe. They are found in shallow Sublittoral zones found on the continental shelf.


Author: Molly S

Published: 06/2008




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