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Common Name: Flask Sponge

Scientific Name: Leucettusa lancifer

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Porifera

Class: Calcarea

Order: Leucettida

Family: Leucaltidae

Genus: Leucettusa

Species: L. lancifer

Leucettusa lancifer is also known as the flask sponge. It gets its common name from its shape. It grows to be 8 to 10 cm in height. It is attached at the bottom with a narrow neck that expands to a round vase like body. At the top the osculum, the hole where water flows out of the sponge, completes the vase appearance.

Flask sponges have calcareous spicules, meaning their skeleton is made of calcium. Their bodies are white, but sometimes they have a pink tint. It is found around New Zealand, however I was unable to find a complete distribution. L. lancifer, is listed in the species found in the Great Barrier Reef. They live at depths of 20 meters.

They filter feed like most sponges, pulling in water through pore cells and filtering out nutrients. I learned that flask sponges are brittle and hard to the touch. They live in deep water reefs and they look like little bottles or vases.

Author: Holly H

Published: 05/2008

Sources: ENZ-Resources/Standard/3/3/en

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