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Common Name: Clathrina heronensis

Scientific Name: Clathrina heronensis

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Porifera

Class: Calcarea

Order: Clathrinida

Family: Clathrinidae

Genus: Clathrina

Species: C. heronensis

Clathrina heronensis is a sponge. This sponge has a big part of loose skin, with anastomosing tubes. The tubes are about 0.04 inches apart. When the sponge is alive, it is white. There are no visible oscules or a distinct exhalant system. Their texture is soft, compressible, delicate, and it has a smooth surface. Their skeleton is a layer of irregular triactines, and some of them overlap.

Their habitat consists of rubble, or cryptic. Their rubble is usually in a reef crest. This sponge lives in this part of the ocean so it can circle out its food from the water. They work well in this habitat. They are mostly found in Australia but can be found all around the world.

They are known as what is called a sessile feeder. A sessile feeder is something that is planted to the ground and waits for its food. An interesting fact is this sponge doesn’t have a common name. Another fact is that the sponge can break into a million pieces, and then come right back together. 



Author: Emily M

Published: 2/2008



Sources: encyclopedia


Photo Credit:

Rick Gillis

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