Common name: Lesser wooly Horseshoe-bat

Scientific name: Rhinolophus beddomei


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia 

Order: Chiroptera

Family: Rhinolophidae

Genus: Rhinolophus

Species: R. beddomei


The lesser wooly horseshoe-bat is one of the tiniest bats ever and have many characteristics. The lesser wooly horseshoe-bat is a dull brown to a reddish color in fur. The lesser wooly horseshoe-bat has leaf or spear-like protuberances (bulging out) on their noses. The body size is 2.5 cm from head to tail the wing span is 14 cm from tip to tip of the wings. The weigh is 4 grams when born and they can weigh 120 grams as an adult. These bats are some times mistaken and there greater cousins.

The Habitat ranges go from India to Sri Lanka. The natural habitats are subtropical and or tropical, moist
lowland forests, caves, and urban areas. The numbers have dropped because of habitat loss.

The lesser wooly horseshoe bat is an insectivore they hunt usually at dusk, night, and dawn. The lesser wooly horseshoe bat will usually at for 5 hours in one night sometimes even 6.  The lesser wooly horseshoe-bat eats bout half of its body weight in one night. They feed in low light so it’s less of a chance of being spotted by predators or birds of prey.


The lesser wooly horseshoe-bat is least concerned dated from 2008. The population is stable. In 2000 they were a low risk/near threatened. In 2004 they were near threatened. There is no major conversation status.                                                   Length: male: 2.2 2.5 body length female: 2.1 2.3 Wing span: for both male and female is 14 cm weight: male: 115-120 grams female: 112-117 grams.


Author: Jessica G.

Published: 02/2011


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