Common name: Vampire Bat

Scientific Name: Diphylla ecuadata



Phylum: Chordata


Order: Chiroptera


Genius: Diphylla

Species: D. ecuadata


Let me tell you about the Vampire Bat, Diphylla ecuadata .  You will learn about the General Description, Habitat, Population, Diet, Predators and interesting facts .  The vampire bat is a very well known animal.  Many people fear these bat because of its very scary look.  Let me tell you about it.


The Vampire Bat’s General Description is very simple .  The Vampire Bat is only 3.5 inches long and the wingspan is 7 inches.  Interesting enough, it only weight’s 2oz but doubles in one feeding.


The Vampire bat had to adapt to the cold caves by growing hair all over its body .  In addition,  the Vampire Bat has only 6 teeth but they are razor sharp. The Vampire Bat is  dark brown with pink ears.


The habitat for a Vampire bat is just like any other bat . The Vampire Bat likes to settle  in caves, barns, tree hollows and  buildings. When inside its habitat it suspends from the roof of the structure and sleep. The Vampire Bat sleeps in the day and comes out to feed only at night. The Vampire Bat is found in South America and some parts of Europe.


The Vampire Bat has a very good population . Also, the Vampire Bat can only have one child at a time . Vampire Bat babies only drink milk for 3 months . They are latch onto their mother for 3 months . The Vampire Bat’s population is growing very fast .


The Vampire Bat eats only one thing, blood .  It only eats at night when it is very quiet .  The Vampire Bat has a heat senser so it can find its food fast. The Vampire Bat attacks from the ground .  First it lands near the prey.  Then it removes the hair from the prey. The bat  makes the host bleed for 30 minutes and  puts saliva in the wound so the wound will not heal fast.  Quickly the bat starts  drinking the blood .The host can not feel anything until many days later, because the Vampire Bat leaves a nasty disease that can cause death.


The Vampire Bat will eat other Bat only for protection. When a other bat tries to eat a Vampire Bat baby all the bats will protect the baby. The Vampire Bat does not like other bats messing with their babies, it will attack anything that flies by them.


There are many interesting facts about the Vampire Bat . The Vampire Bat is the only mammal that feeds entirely on blood.  A colony of 100 bat’s can drink the blood of more than 25 cows. Bat’s are the only mammals that can fly.  When the sun comes up the vampire bats have to be suspended from the roots of caves.


In conclusion,  I believe that the Vampire Bat is a very interesting animal.  It has many cool features. The Vampier Bats are still a very dangerous animal. It is important that people stay away from this amazing animal.


Author: Dylan F