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Common name: Pacific King Mackerel

Scientific Name: Sombrous guttarus


Kingdom: Anamalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Osteichthyes

Order: Perciformes

Family: Scombridae

Genus: Scomberombrus

Species: S. guttarus


My animal is a kingfish, also known as a Pacific King Mackerel. This fish can be up to six feet long. They grow 1.5 inches a month. Kingfish are an iridescent bluish-green color and on its back is silver. These fish have bluish-green scales which make them look the color that they are. When the light shines on them the scales look silver. The kingfish lives in the Pacific Ocean. It is commonly found in waters with a depth of 0 to -5,007 meters.


The kingfish does well in its ecosystem due to the water temperature. And remember the one major thing about any type of fish, they have gills. Hopefully you know that once you remove a fish from the water it is common that the fish will die almost instantly. The King Mackerel is commonly found in the pacific areas. In the world today there are over a million kingfish.


Their population is at a normal rate. Possibly though, their population could be shrinking due to fisherman and predators. The king Mackerel is a very popular fish if you didn’t know. Nothing at the moment is really contributing to a change in numbers of these fish. They usually feed by rushing into a school of baitfish and snapping off the tails of anything smaller in size then themselves.


The thing that allows them to compete for food is they are like skyrockets when they swim. These fish compete with anything bigger in size than them. This fish I knew nothing about so I found it interesting. I learned a lot about this fish as in what it eats where it lives and everything else.


Author: Alyssa B

Published: 02/2009


Sources: Holt California life science book Photo Credit:

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