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Order - Anguilliformes


Angulliformes are really eels in a scientific name. There are different kinds of eels such as moray eels, Japenese eels and other types of eels. To me, eels are swimming snakes underwater. Some eels are spotted or have scales, or look really scary. Some eels are tiny which are the ones that I see people keeping in captivity in their fish tank. And then there are the huge eels that live in the sea and have huge teeth and very intimidating.


Eels have about 19 families and 110 genera and approximately 600 species. Eels have babies, which are called larvae baby eel is called an elver. Eels like to hang out in holes or reefs or their surroundings they can fit in. Eels are predators though; they bite their prey with their jaws. Eels only have two sets of jaws. Eels eat off of dead or alive animals. Other cool things about eels are that they can live without water. They will actually slither in the grass from a pond. They will slither out of a pond and somewhere else where water is near.


Eels can be very large and long; there are records for eels weighing so much and the eels length. Eels can breathe through their skin and of course their gills. Eels can live in mud, unlike other fish they would die. Some eels have long fins or they are short finned. Eels have their own factories, there is an eel factory called Skipton Eel Factory that studies and stores eels. They store different kinds of eels such as the moray eel, Wilson conger eels, or different states or countries eels.


Author: Vivian Y

Published: 10/2008


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