Common name: Six Spotted Tiger Beetle
Scientific name: Cicindela aurofasciata

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Coleoptera
Family: Carabidae
Genus: Cicindela
Species: C. sexgutta



The name Six Spotted Tiger Beetle is exactly how it sounds. It has six spots on its abdomen. The Six Spotted Tiger beetle is a Tiger beetle the only difference is its six spots and its color. They are mostly found in the forests in between Ontario and Minnesota and as far south as Kentucky.

Six spotted tiger beetle has a huge discription to talk about. Their size varies from 12 to 14 mm long. The Six Spotted Tiger beetle has a bright almost neon green color all over its body, except for the very large white mandibles. If you ever look at this beetle the first thing you will notice are the mandibles. This beetle is quite a description hog there is so much to talk about.

The Six Spotted Tiger beetles habitat where do I begin. They are found in the deciduous forests of Minnesota and Ontario. The population is going up and down constantly because, of the survival for food is ruff for little things like beetles. This is a very interesting beetle.

This beetle competes for food every day non stop. It is low on the food web but, not at the bottom. They are aggressive eaters they will make even some of their predators their prey. Like the Black Carpenter ant. Some of its most fierce predators are the Eastern mole, Raccoon, Mallard. It is tough to camaflouge its self from predators but, they sometimes blend in with really bright leaves and grass. It has quite the appetite and can be a very easy target for predators.

The importance of this beetle is it shows that not all beetles are dark but some can be quite bright. What really stood out was that some of its predators can also be its prey. I think this is the coolest beetle ever.

Author: Mason L
Published: 1/2013

Bibliography: sexgutta,

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