Common Name: Golden Ground Beetle
Scientific Name:  Carabus auratus

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropod
Class: Insect
Order: Coleoptera
Family: Carabidae
Genus: Carabus
Species: C. auratus



When I got my animal I knew it was a beetle from the start, it seemed to me that it was going to be boring. Then I looked it up on the computer and it was an amazing bug. The bug is called the Carabus auratus in scientific talk. Auratus means golden. Carabus means ground, so the common name is the golden ground beetle. The location of this bug is western and central parts of Europe, and in North America. It lives in moisture under rocks. The carabus auratus has many interesting aspects.

This beetle has it’s own distinctive appearance. The general size of the golden ground beetle is 1.2 and 2 centimeters long. They have a coloration of golden-green, green, and orange. The characteristics of the golden ground is that they have three brood longitudinal grooves, the color of that is golden-green, and the antenna, legs, mouth parts are orange. One of the adaptations is that it can live off of plants instead of the other things it eats. The iridescent color is one of the identifying characteristics of the golden ground beetle because this is the only ground beetle that has that coloring. This is one of many aspects it has, this one helps it blend in to the surroundings.

The habitat, population, and conservation are a few more important facts. In the world my animal can be found the native to central and western parts of Europe also located in North America. The population of the golden ground beetle is expanding over 30,000. We do not know the conservation status because the people would not keep track of the bugs. This aspect will keep the golden ground beetle never leaving the earth forever.
The diet, feeding habits, and the predators are important in the life cycle. The niche or role that it has to the food web is that it belongs to the carabus food web. The things that they feed on are worms, snails and other insects. They eat there pray by drinking or sucking the juices out of the animal when it is still alive. The birds are their predators, and they get away by sending this foul smelling liquid. They compete with birds, frogs, other insects, and gopher snakes. This keeps the earth balance between all the animals on the earth.

The carabus aurabus is important to farmers by helping keep control of other insects that harm crops. The color of the golden ground beetle stands it out from all other ground beetles. Also the attack on the prey is so vicious in the way that is sucks out their juices. Every animal has a place of importance on the earth.


Author: Dominic D.
Date Published: 1/13

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