Common Name: Broadclub Cuttlefish

Scientific Name: Sepia latimanus

Kingdom: Animilia

Phylum: Mollusca

Class: Cephalopoda

Order: Sepiida

Family: Sepiidae

Genus: Sepia

Species: S. latimanus

The Cuttlefish is NOT a fish it is related to a garden snail or slug. The Broadclub Cuttlefish has a length up to 50 cm. Their colors depend on where they are, though they are generally white. Their adaptations are in the water. The Cuttlefish look like jelly fish but smaller and flatter.


Their habitat is the ocean and they are found in the Luzon Island in the Philippines. They do well in this ecosystem, because they have camouflage to protect them from predators. They also do well, since the camouflage helps get food. They are found in the Philippines and they are found in the sea.


They also have to keep their tentacles away from crab claws. The main species that eat Cuttlefish is the sharks. The sharks eat the cuttlefish unsuspectingly. But most Cuttlefish usually see the sharks and camouflage themselves to hide from them. There are about 1,000 cuttlefish living right now and it is shrinking. We can capture a few and breed them in efforts to increase their population.


Author: Kimberly H

Published: 02/2008


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