Common Name: Spider Monkeys

Scientific Name: Ateles geoffroyyi


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Primates

Family: Cebidae

Genius: Ateles

Species: A. geoffroyi


How much do you know about spider Monkeys? Well, before I began this project the only thing I knew about Spider Monkeys was that they are monkeys. But now I know way more about them. See, I am supposed to do this project on Primates.


Well I only know of two types of primates, Monkeys and Gorillas. I picked monkeys over Gorillas because, well everybody knows that gorillas are just plain old gross or if you prefer, nasty. Now lets face the facts. There are many different types of monkeys. As you know I picked the Spider Monkey. The reason why I picked the Spider Monkey was because they have such long tails. Come on, how can you resist them, they're just plain wonderful.


Sorry, I just love those little monkeys. I am thinking about telling you some Fun Facts about Spider Monkeys. Here’s a Fun Fact. Did you know that their tails are longer than their bodies? I can just imagine one of those tiny things with one long tail hanging out from behind them. Another Fun Fact is that Spider Monkeys are new world monkeys. Not those boring old world monkeys. Wait a minute; I know what the difference is.


New world monkeys have less complex brains than old world monkeys do. Let’s get to know them from their insides to their outsides. First up is OUT, he hits, he strikes, and he’s out. On the outside most Spider Monkeys are black and white. Up next is inside. Okay, inside of Spider Monkeys are their brains. Did you know that their brains are less complex than old world monkeys?


Yes, that’s what I like, plain and simple. Okay, come on, its time to get into the way boring stuff. As you know everything has a species. Spider Monkeys just happen to be in the species called Geoffroy (black handed spider monkey). Oh ya, before I forget they have a subspecies too. That is called Geoffroyi’s Spider Monkey. Weird name, right.


That’s what I thought. They also have a family that happens to be called Cebidae. Their subfamily is named Ateline. Doesn’t that sound like an old ladies name? Just kidding. No seriously, doesn’t it. Well, to me it does but, um, I don’t know about you. Life is such a beautiful thing. Especially the life of a monkey.


See, they live in such beautiful places and shouldn’t their life be beautiful like the place they live in. Like for example, one of the places Spider Monkeys live in is the Tropical Forest in southern Mexico, and central and southern America. Wow, you can probably picture all that beauty. Another place where Spider Monkeys live is the Honolulu Zoo.


You can probably imagine the horrible smell of all those animals together. Did you know that Spider Monkeys have no thumbs? If that sounds so gross imagine how that would look on a person or a picture. Anyways, they’re diet usually consists of mainly fruits and nuts. Well, maybe that’s because that’s probably all that they have to eat in the Topical Rainforest. Now it is time to come down to our farewell goodbyes.


Now it is time for me to tell you what I have learned. A thing that I did not know was that Spider Monkeys are new world monkeys. Another thing I did not know is that they are one of the world’s smartest monkeys around. More interesting stuff that I did not know was that they usually weigh around 17.6-19.38 lbs. In conclusion I say that I deserve to get an A for this interesting piece of writing.


Author: Naveet .S 

Published: April 2006


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