Common Name: Yellow-Tailed Woolly Monkey
Scientific Name: Oreonax  flavicauda

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Family: Atelidae
Genius: Oreonax
Species: O. flavicauda


Oreonax flavicauda, or better known as Yellow-tailed woolly monkey is a very unique animal. They are animals who do things to survive, and to protect one another from harm. With their fierce attitude they can mostly likely scare away much smaller, and possibly large predators. These monkeys join forces with each other to keep their species alive. They are one of the most amazing creatures because of their capabilities.

Yellow-tailed woolly monkey's have many different appearances, such as the color of its fur. The color of its fur is usually brown, or black, but because of its yellow colored tail it is also partly yellow in lower waist, and its fur also provides it with camouflage to hide from predators. The Yellow-tailed woolly monkey also stands to be at least 10 kg tall, or much larger. This allows them to reach hard to get places, and to reach the highest points.  Their hight, and forceful (fierce) attitude allows them to stand strong, with pride. Their appearance, and fierce attitude sometimes isn't enough, because their population is shrinking. There are less than 250 left in the world, and are dangerously becoming distinct. They are becoming extinct because of human interference, much like road work, replacing their homes. Another interference is made, but this time it is made by the monkeys themselves. Yellow-tailed woolly monkeys are usually interfering with near by village crops, they damage, and steal crops to provide food for their young ones, but this causes people to threaten, or murder these monkeys.

Yellow-tailed woolly monkeys, population maybe shrinking, but they are found in a certain area in the world. They are found in the country of Peru, in tropical, montane cloud forests. In their habitat, they are very much aware of what is around them. For example, they know the location of the types of food that is provided for them, like nutritious fruits, leaves, and flowers. They feed on many plants, but they mainly feed on the nutritious fruit. Yet sometimes they are not very friendly with one another, when it comes to wanting food, and arguments begin to take place of about who saw it first, or I got it first.

All Yellow-tailed woolly monkeys should always, be prepared for the unexpected around them. One of the main reasons is, because they have enemies, like the humans, Jaguars, and large birds (eagles). Jaguars have incredible speed, eagles have amazing eyesight, and humans have advance technology, yet the Yellow-tailed woolly monkeys are very alert, they have advanced swinging skills, and amazing swinging speed as well. These monkeys use these skills to prevent from being eaten, or killed from their predators. They might succeed on escaping their enemy, or fail on their mission to survive.

Yellow-tailed woolly monkeys are very unique creatures, they are animals who try to survive the cruelty around them, and help protect one another from harm. They are fierce, strong , and are full of pride with in themselves. They are independent, when it comes to being alone at one time, whether in trouble, or providing for their youths. Their capabilities allow them to secure others, provide for themselves, and others, and to be proud to be a Oreonax flavicauda,or best known as a Yellow-tailed woolly monkey.

Author: Victoria M.
Published: 12/2012