Family - Ziphiidae
(Beaked Whales)


Beaked Whales or Scientifically called Ziphiidae, are in the order of Cetacea.  The order of Cetacea contains whales, dolphins and porpoises. This group contains the largest of all known mammals, living or extinct. All of those mammals are hairless, fish shaped, and have fins or flippers. A Blue Whale, a mammal in the family Ziphiidae, sometimes reaches a length of about 33 m (meters) and weighs up to 135 metric tons! As the size is very interesting, so is the fact that they do NOT have a voice. But they DO make sounds when communicating, during mating rituals, or when they use echolocation. Whales, dolphins, and porpoises breathe air like us. They do NOT have gills! Every once in a while they need to come up to the surface and breathe. If they don’t they will drown and die. There is plenty more information on the family of Ziphiidae or the Beaked Whales.