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Family - Suidae

(Pig Family)

Suidae is the family to which pigs belong. There are sixteen species are currently recognized. Some examples of pigs include the domestic pig, razorbacks, forest pigs, and Warthogs. They are classified into 8 genera. Suids belong to the order Artiodactyla. Unlike most other members of the order, they have four toes on each foot, although they walk only on the middle two digits, with the others staying clear of the ground. They also have a simple stomach. They are small to medium animals, varying in size. They have large heads and short necks, with relatively small eyes and prominent ears. Their heads have a distinctive snout, ending in a disc-shaped nose. Suids typically have a bristly coat, and a short tail ending in a tassel. Suids have a well-developed sense of hearing, and are vocal animals, communicating with a series of grunts, squeals, and similar sounds. They also have an acute sense of smell. Many species are omnivorous, eating grass, leaves, roots, insects, worms, and even frogs or mice. Other species are more selective and purely herbivorous.


Author: Robbie P

Published: 01/2009


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