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Family - Antilocapridae (Pronghorn)

The Antilocapridae is a family of artiodactyls, they live in North America. Their closest relatives are the giraffids. Giraffids are mammals that share a common ancestor with deer and bovids. The Giraffidae family once spread throughout Eurasia and Africa.


Giraffids also share features with other ruminants. Antilocaprids and giraffids have a complex four-chambered stomach for digesting tough plant matters. They also have cloven hooves, and a similar body shape to antelopes and their horns resemble the bovids. The antilocaprids family is extinct but except one, it’s still living today it is called the pronghorn. The pronghorn is a small mammal that resembles an antelope. Also, the pronghorn has small, forked horns.


Their horns are like two horns in one, they also have tiny hair around the outer bony core of the horn. Their horns resemble the bovids. Their horns start growing till their 4-6 months old, by the time they are 3-6 years old their horns are really big. Pronghorn is medium size, with a head and a body between 1.3- 1.5m in length and a weight of 122-132.276lb. Their hair color is pale brown, and they have a black and white marking on their head and neck.


Author: Nichelle S.

Published: 10/2008


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