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Family - Cervidae

(Deer Family)

The adult Cervidae contains the total of 1160-1800mm; the hind foot is 325-590mm; the ear is 120-250mm, and they can weigh up to 50-200 kilograms. In late September and December, they breed. For a baby to be born it takes about 200 days. The fawns are usually born in late May and June. A fawn is what you call a baby deer. When the mother Cervidae goes out to get food the fawn would kneel down and lay flat in the grass so it's hard for their predators to get them. If the mother Cervidae has two fawns they would both lay in separate areas so the predator won't get them both. When a fawn is born they have white spots on their backs, that's there so they can camouflage. A fawn usually weighs up to 3.7 kilograms, after they are a week old they are now called a doe. A female Cervidae will stay with its mother up too two years. And a male Cevidae will stay with its mother for only one year. A cervidae will usually eat at night and during the day they will just gaze around the grass. They like to eat shrubs, tree twigs, and some other grasses. In the winter they form a herd. They have a very good sense of hearing and smell. The cervidae's predators are usually wild cats like lions.


Author: Ashley C

Published: 10/2008


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