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Common Name: Hippopotamus

Scientific Name: hippopotamus amphibius


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Artiodactyla

Family: Hippopotamidae

Genus: Hippopotamus

Species: H. amphibius

Hippopotamuses are very large mammals with barrel-shaped bodies and short, stumpy legs. They have large heads with a big, wide mouth, and nostrils on the top of their head, they have tiny ears, and eyes on the top of their head also. Hippos are semi-aquatic. They can hold their breath for about 5 minutes and can eat 150 pounds a night. They have webbed toes to help them swim underwater. They pretty much spend most of their lives underwater. Hippos are vegetarians they only eat grass and water plants.


They are very aggressive and they don't fear humans. They are considered one of Africa's more dangerous animals. Hippos have to protect their calves from crocodiles, lions, leopards, hyenas, and wild dogs. Hippos themselves are rarely attacked. Hippos weigh up to 3 ½ pounds and their lifespan is about 50 years. Hippo's predators are humans, crocodiles, and lions. Their size is 13 feet to 5 feet tall. Their diet is herbivorous and their habitat is rivers, swamps, and protected areas. Hippos scientific name is hippopotamus amphibious. Hippos skin color is a red/brown color. They have very little hair, and they dehydrate quickly in very dry weather.


Author: Taylor M.

Published: 02/2009




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