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Common Name: Amynthas cortices

Scientific Name: Amynthas cortices

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Annelida

Class: Oligochaeta

Order: Haplotaxida

Family: Amynthas

Genus: Amynthas

Species: A. cortices


Amynthas cortices are pretty hard to remember since it does not have a common name. Its size can range anywhere from 5cm-15cm. It is found underground and has either red or reddish-brownish dorsal pigmentation, lighter at segmental equators. They have a single female pore ventral on segment 14 and small paired male pores ventral side of segment 18.


Amynthas cortices live in places that have arable land, pastures, and forests. Their homeland is not known but is thought to be subtropical China, with global warm temperate to cooler tropical peregrine distribution. They are frequently found in human-influenced habitats. The Amynthas cortices may not look like it but it is capable of violent thrashing movements and jumping, may autotomize tail segments. Its diet is flexible and it may be found active to depths of 7.8in (20cm) or near the surface under litter or other decomposing organic material.


Author: Alexis M

Published: 03/2008



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