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Common Name: Canadian Worm

Scientific Name: Aporrectodea tuberculate

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Annelida

Class: Oligochaeta

Order: Lumbricina

Family: Lumbricdae

Genus: Aporrectodea

Species: A. tuberculata


The size of an earthworm is about 8-10in long. The color of the earthworm red in color. the adaptation is to help with moist soil. One cool trait is that they have separate there muscles. The earthworm can enhance soil by using their body. The sensitive skin of an earthworm can tell him where he is. They do well in soil and moist areas. And they all areas moist.


There are over 33,000 earthworms there. The population is growing another way that an earthworm can help you is that the soil you put in it gets easier to put it in soil because of the worm-eating your dirt. Their food web is the worm eats the dirt and the bird eats the worm. They compete for food because they want it to be their dirt. The other worm that competes for food with the earthworm is the red worm. One of the animals is the bird to get out of danger the earthworm goes into the dirt.


Author: Hayden H

Published: 03/2008


Sources: World Encyclopedia

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