Common Name: Southern Atlantic Stingray

Scientific Name: Dayastis americana

Kingdom: Anamalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Chondrichthyes

Order: Rajiformes

Family: Dasyatidae

Genius: Dasyatis

Species: D. americana



Dasyastis americana can be found in or near tropical water. The islands they prefer to live by are Florida, the Bahamas, Cayman Islands. They eat mollusks and small crustaceanss. Atlantic Stingrays are born inside the mother's womb, this is because when the baby is developing its defense mechanism is shut off so it doesn't hurt the mother. Dasyastis americana are sexually mature at the age of 5. The mating season begins in early December and ends in early April and usually produces 2 or 3 offspring, which greatly increases the chance that they will survive to produce more offspring. They are important to humans because they provide tourist attractions to the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, and Florida.


Author: Michael A.

Published: April 2006



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