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Order - Orectolobiformes (Carpet Sharks)


Most people think that all sharks are the same; you might even think that too, well their not. Carpet sharks are sharks that dwell in the bottom of the ocean and feed on shrimp and small fish. Many divers used to think carpet sharks were sea monsters. Their body features include elongated and eel-like snouts. Carpet sharks have jaws longer than usual sharks to eat larger amounts of food than regular sharks. Their gills are longer than most sharks. A single dorsal fin located on the back of the body. The female carpet sharks keep their babies inside of them until they are born then they release them. They inhabit deep outer continental shelves in the Atlantic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. There are many types of carpet sharks but they all have one thing in common they have big mouths to eat a lot of food.


Author: Alex C.

Published: 10/2008


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