Common Name: Blind Shark

Scientific Name: Brachaelurus waddi

Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: Chordata

Class: Chodrichthyes

Order: Oretolobiformes

Family: Brachaeluridae

Genus: Brachaelurus

Species: B. waddi



The Brachaelurus waddi is commonly known as the Blind Shark. The Blind Shark has a slightly flattened head, small eyes and a nasal barbell projecting from both nostrils. Two dorsal fins -close together and located well back to the body before the long caudal fin. The Blind Shark is brown to black on top, yellowish on its stomach. Often have light spots on its back. It lives for 25 years and grows to1.2m in length. 


The Blind Shark got its name by out of the habit of closing its eyes when out of what. They tend to rest out in the open laying on sponges. This shark hunts for small fish, sea anemones, crabs, cuttlefish, and shrimp. The Blind Shark is nocturnal, so it hangs around at night. They give birth in the summer months, their maximum litter is eight. The Blind Shark is harmless, so when you see it they won't hurt you.


This shark is found in the subtropical southwest Pacific Ocean, off of Queensland, south wale's latitudes 8degrees south to about 33degrees south. What I found entrusting about the Blind Shark was that it closes its eyes when out of the water. The way it looks is also awesome, as you can see by the picture. This was a very fun report that I enjoyed doing. There was a lot of important information that I learned a lot about.


Author: Macy W.