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Common Name: Red Velvet Mite

Scientific Name: Trombidium grandissimum


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Arachnida

Order: Acari

Family: Trombidiidae

Genus: Trombidium

Species: T. grandissimum


 Don’t you love red velvet? Well if you saw this bug you wouldn’t.  I am going to teach you about this very special mite. It is called the red velvet mite.

 A trombidium grandissimum is a really pretty red color, but don’t be fooled. This bug can hurt you. It has 6 legs, it’s also a really big bug. That’s why its name is the giant red velvet mite.

This type of mite lives underground with earthworms and other mites near northern India. The red velvet mites like moist areas. That’s why they only come out after the rain stops. When the rain stops the air is really moist and to me, it feels weird but this bug loves it.

 How many red velvet mites in the world do you ask? Too many to count, that’s for sure. Scientist probably doesn’t even know the answer to that question. There are more arthropods than anything on this planet.

 There are two predators of the trombidium grandissimum. The first one is a human because we can kill them by stepping on them. The second on is a guinea hen. A mixture between a guinea pig and a hen! They eat pretty much every tick and mite.

 This bugs diet is aphids, beetle eggs, termites, and spider mites. They probably don’t eat that much but that’s a lot to choose from!

 These bugs get there prey by chemicals and viberation. There nickname is the rains insect because they love rain! They all travel in huge groups and they eat together too.

 I got all my information on a very useful site called It will help you with all the animals!

 A trombidium grandisimum is a really pretty bug but I don’t recommend touching it. It might bite!   

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