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Common Name: Sand Goanna

Scientific Name: Varanus Gouldii


Kingdom: Animalia    

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Sauropsida

Order: Sauria

Family: Varanidae

Genus: Varanus

Species: V. gouldii


The name Sand Monitor can be used to describe many different species. The Sand Goanna is an Australian lizard. It is also called the Sand Monitor because it monitors things. Rocks and Tree hollows are suitable dwellings for this lizard. This lizard is in vast areas in Australia. Its average length is 140 cm which is 4.6 ft. It can weigh up to 6kg which is 13 pounds. They are found in the Northern and Eastern part of Australia. You can see them in open woodlands and grasslands. There are other places were they overlap with Gould’s, Flavirufus and Argus. There similarities between these species are they frequently cause confusion.


The predators of a Sand Goanna are cats and foxes. The experiments that contributed to the predators of the Sand Goanna were tested in the summer months. They tested it with radio telemetry.  The female Sand Goanna will cover her eggs in termite mounds. This is supposed to keep predators away from her eggs.


A Sand Goanna is Diurnal. It’s activities take place in the daytime. Everything smaller than a goanna will be devoured. The diet of a juvenile goanna is mostly insects and small lizards. Their diets vary as the get older. Adult goannas prey on mice, large insects, small agamids, and geckoes, smaller varanids, snakes and carrion.


The older goanna does consume of younger goannas. Ackies are also eaten. Rock monitors another species that belongs to the Sand Monitors are also eaten. It is also common to see Goannas disturb rock piles. They try to flush out any odartria.


The goanna is also called a terrestrial. Or it can be called a “ground dwelling”. They are called that because they excavate for large burrows. They do that for shelter.  They can run up to 100 MPH.


The Varanus Flavirfus is a similar species. It resides in Australia’s interior. They were first described in 1838. A scientist by the name of Grey described them. Australia has many different lizards.


They are based on differences in scalation. They have rows of dark spots on their back. V. Gouldii had no scientific name. There are more complex species of Goanna’s. The new species of goannas use their old name, V. Gouldii.


The other species of Goanna’s are found in London. A different scientist by the name of Storr never saw these animals until an experiment.  Lizards in the south of Australia are nameless. The number of lizards in the dessert leave’s the population large. There are lots of other names for the Sand Goanna.  


The goanna is 4.6 ft. It weighs up to 13 pounds. They eat Ackies. The older Goanna eats younger goannas. Rock monitors is also a part of the monitor species.



 Author Holden K.

 Published 03/2009



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