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Common Name: South America Ground Lizard

Scientific Name: Ameiva amevia


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Sauria

Family: Teiidae

Genus: Ameiva

Species: A. ameiva


The scientific name for this animal is called the Ameiva ameiva, but for non-scientific people, it is known to be the South American ground lizard. Their size can range to about 45 to 50 centimeters. The color is really fascinating because the body is brown with black spots; the males have a really bright green strip in the center of his head to about its tail. The habitations you would find them in, is a wet rain forest. This animal would have a streamlined body and have a pointed head. It will have a long tongue, so it can get food out of the ground (insects and small fruit) and it will have a long slender tail.


This animal is very fast it can slither around very quickly, this can be helpful because if there is an insect far away it can slither up to its prey and eat it. The habitat for the South American ground lizard would be under large wet leaves or under a long wet log. The place they usually find South American ground lizard would have to be South America. In South America there are many wet spots like for example a rainforest, a rainforest would have to be a great place for this lizard because they enjoy the wet places. Did you know that lizards can make burrows underneath a pile of leaves? They do this so predator can't find them and that is where they can sleep.


The South American ground lizard eats many things, but the main things that this animal eats would have to be small insects and fruits that have fallen for a tree or bush. They can also eat vegetables. Some examples of what they eat would be insects; they eat any insect that they can find. The fruits they might eat would be anything small enough to fit in their mouth, which would be apples, peers, oranges, bananas, and tomatoes.


The thing that I think stood out the most would have to be that they and brown with black spots and that they have like a neon green on their back. Another thing that was interesting was that they can range up to 45-50 centimeters, which is pretty long for a lizard (I wouldn't mind having a lizard like this it would be really fun to have). Things that I learned was the common name is South American ground lizard, Also this lizard has a stream like body and a pointed body, and a long tongue.





Sources: Photo Credit: William Quatman

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