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Common name : Argentine Black or White Tegu

Scientific name : Tupinambis merianae


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Reptilia

Order: Squamata

Family: Teiidae

Genus: Tupinambis

Species: T. merianae


The Argentine Black and White Tegu Lizard ( or Tegu Lizard for short) is measured in different types of ways by their sexes. Males are 140 cm long and females are 80 cm long. Offspring is usually 20-25 cm long. The male lizard is the biggest it weighs about 10 kg. After offspring is born they are a greenish color with black spots, after a few weeks it will fade to white. They have Broad necks and their head is narrow, their teeth are sharp and bulky like their claws. Their legs are powerful and short, and their skin is beaded.


They live in South of Brazil, Uruguay, and in Argentina. They usually live in rocky areas and near river areas. When it is cold they dig a hole in the ground and buries itself in them. They also do this when the Weather is hot. Tegu Lizards eat Insects, Snails, Eggs of Birds, Fruits and Plants. Sometimes they eat Birds, Small Mammals, Mollusks, Fish, and Amphibians.


The life expectancy of a Tegu Lizard is between 10-20 years. The Tegu Lizard has no enemies what so ever. I learned that Tegu Lizards live in South America and it eats some very unusual things.


Author: Tiffany T

Published: 02/2007


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