Common name: Striped Millipede
Scientific name: Ommatoiulus sabulosus

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Diplopoda
Order: Julida
Family: Julidea
Genus: Ommatoiulus
Species: O. sabulosus


Have you ever been insterested in any millepedes? Or have you ever thought they were interesting to learn about? Well, im going to tell you some interesting facts about a certain millepede. This millepede is called Ommatoiulus Sabulosus or it's a common name that is "The Striped Millepede."

This type of millepede is plump cylindrical and brown millepede. It is identified by it's ginger striped that it has on its back. The also most interesting thing about this species is that its the largest British millepedes! They also help by putting nutrients back in the soil for plants and other organisms. Millipedes have tiny holes called spiracles on their segments. They breathe through the holes and stay in places where its moisture. They also can live for several years. When millipedes mate the female eats some soil and poops it out. She shapes the poop into a nest and lays hundreds of eggs. Then she leaves the eggs alone. When young millipedes are born they only have seven segments and six legs. They grow quickly, and as they grow they shed skin.

Now to talk about thier habitats. The Striped Millepede lives in sandy soils, they are also found in the day time. Sometimes you might see them under logs. They climb up walls and trees. They can also live in the woods. You can also be wondering when you see the Striped Millepede? Well, you can see them all year long. But they usually go for food at night.

Now you may be wondering what they eat, Well right now im going to tell you what is thier dieting. The Striped Millepede eats dead and decaying plants, old leaves, stems, and flowers. They also eat Fungi sometime. This species also has predators, such as these im going to say right now. They can be eatin by frogs, lizards, some beatles, and a few birds. But thier is the main one that is the shrews. When they feel thier predator coming the either rool up like a ball or they shoot out a stinky smell that gets the animal away from them.

At first, you may have thought that millepedes were nasty or maybe not so interesting, but now that you have read this they have lots of interesting stuff that you may have never thought that they did! Well I hope you liked all these cool, interesting facts about The Striped Millipede.

Author: Cindy S.
Published: 04/13


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