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Common name: Ilyocypris gibba
Scientific Name: Ilyocypris gibba

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Crustacea
Order: Ostracoda
Family: Ilyocyprididae
Genus: Ilyocypris
Species: I. gibba


Little is known about the Ilyocypris gibba, and is a hard to find creature. It lives in mostly fresh/running water. It is a seed shrimp and shaped like a bean with little hairs to move. The purpose of this essay is to tell more about the Ilyocypris gibba.

The general description is hard to say. The general size of this animal is microscopic, and can only be seen under a microscope. The colorization depends it could be brown or pink. Any adaptations about this animal are unknown. Identifying characteristics are that it is shaped like a bean and has small hairs all over its body. The description of this animal quite amazing for a small creature like this one.

I would like to say that the areas they live in are very interesting. Ilyocypris gibba is found all over the world in mostly fresh water. The population and conservation status is unknown.  Though it is an uncommon animal they live in very strange places.

The feeding is very important to all animals. The role in its food chain is unknown. The feeding habits of the Ilyocypris gibba are filter feeding the algae .How it prevents getting eaten is unknown. This animal has a common way of feeding.

The importance of this animal report is unknown to me but to others it might just save there life’s. What stood out about this animal is the lack of information found. My final thoughts about this animal are that it is a nice little creature and I hope that they find more out about the Ilyocypris gibba.

Author: Patrick C.
Date Published: 4/13

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Picture credit: hhtp://

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