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Common Name: Gigantocypris agassizii

Scientific Name: Gigantocypris agassizii

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Ostrocoda
Order: Myodocopida
Family: Cypridinidae
Genus: Gigantocypris
Species: G. agassizii


The Gigantocypris agassizzi is a very interesting animal. Its common name is the Giant ostracod. It is not even giant it is about 2.5 cm. Its habitat is the deep sea, ranging for 2,953 to 4,265 feet deep.

Some of the many things about this animal are its general description. Including its size and color. Its size is 2.5 cm to 1 inch. Its color is bright orange-red also it has two large mirrored eyes. When the pod is open the feather like antennae stick out they do this to move, feel, and eat. The Giant ostracod move by rowing its antennae like oars.

Giant ostracods are founded in an odd place. Their main habitats are the deep sea. The depth ranging from 2,953 to 4,265 feet deep. There population contains 6,000 living species. Also 10,000 fossil species. They protect themselves by their color blends in with the surrounding. Also there is no sunlight but they can see by having huge pair of parabolic reflectors behind light sensitive patches. As you can see their habitat is very strange.

The Giant ostracod has a strange way of eating. Their role on the food chain is toward the bottom. Their main foods are copepods and other small fish. It eats by opening its pod and the feather like antennae stick out. It prevents getting eaten by their colors blend in. So as you can see they have a very strange way of eating.

So this animal is very interesting for many ways. Some of this like their eyes that have mirrored satellite dishes. Also there color bright orange-red. So thought reasrching this animal was very interesting.

Author: Benji D.
Date Published: 4/2013

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