Common Name: Skogsplattfoting

Scientific Name: Polydesmus complanatus


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropod

Class: Diplopod

Order: Polydesmida

Family: Polydesmidea

Genes: Polydesmus

Species: P. complanatus


Millions of legs! Polydesmus complanatus is a millipede. They have about one million legs. Since there are not a lot of polydesmus complanatus so there is no common name for it. Polydesmus lives in Britain. They can grow up to three inches but some only grow up to one inch.


Polydesmus complanatus are round and most are brown, they throw something at you if you try to touch it Polydesmus complanatus can grow up to three inches but some grow up to only one inch. There are some different colors they can be like orange, brown, dark brown and really dark pink. If a predator tries to eat them then they throw a sticky stuff that burns when it touches you. If you ever see one and try to touch it you will probably get some sticky stuff on you.


Polydesmus complanatus are almost extinct. They live by seas in Britain and they are only some found outside Britain. Their population is going down by a huge amount, there are only about 1 thousand left and most of them are killed by pollution. If you go to Britain and look for polydesmus complanatus you probably won’t find any. If you put a polydesmus in a jar with just a little smoke in it they will die.


Polydesmus complanatus eat fruits and they throw some sticky. They are consumers. They eat the roots of the plant or the tree then they eat the fruit on it. Polydesmus complanatus and flatworms both eat plants and fruits. They are a lot of animals that try to eat polydesmus complanatus but only some succeed in eating them because throwing something that is sticky and that burns and some that do eat it, eat them while they are asleep.


Polydesmus complanatus are mostly extinct. People are doing nothing to save them. Polydesmus complanatus throw something sticky that burns. 


Author: Talha k 
Published: 02/2012


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