Common Name: Flat Backed Millipedes

Scientific Name: Apheloria virginiensis


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Diplopoda

Order: Polydesmida

Family: Xystodesmidae  

Genus: Apheloria  

Species: A. virginiensis


Imagine having 100 legs, that would be pretty crazy. You can find my animal in many places but 2 places you can find them is West Virginia and New York. This animal is known as a centipede.


There are many centipedes some are small some are big.  My centipede is 2 inches long. The colors of this centipede are black, yellow, and orange. When centipedes are in danger they will curl up in a ball. Being a centipede would be a hard life, trying not to get run over or stepped on.


Centipedes are cool animals. They can be found in West Virginia and New York. There are a lot of centipedes today, over 100 species. My centipede's species is still alive, you can still find them. Centipedes are cool insects I hope to own one day.


Centipedes don’t eat very much. A centipede has claws on there two front legs so that it is easier to catch there pray. Centipedes are nocturnal, they hide in moist places in the day such as underground. During the night centipedes come out to find there pray. Centipedes use the little hairs on their antennas to find the pray. When a centipede is in danger (depending on what species it is in) it will either curl up in a ball or use there two front claws to inject venom in the pray.


There are a lot of good things about centipedes. One good thing about a centipede is it is good for lawns. If you have one on your lawn it’s a good thing. Some things that stood out in my insect is the color and its size. My centipede is a cool centipede everyone should have one, awesome insects.


Author: Zach L.

Published: 2/15/12


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