Common name: Flat Backed Millipede

Scientific name: Brachydesmus californicus


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Diplopoda

Order: Ploydesmida

Family: Ploydesmidae

Genus: Brachydesmus

Species: B. superus


Each segment in a millipedes body is actually made up of two smaller sections that are fused together. They grow to be 20-40mm long. They have an off-white coloring on the legs and a brownish coloring on the rest of the body. When millipedes are threatened, they either curl up into a tight ball or a spiral in the soil. One identifying characteristic about my animal is that it has has a lot of legs. All millipedes might look similar but they are different in very many ways.


Millipedes, in general, you’d think would live in wet environments and come out when it rains, but not the flat-backed millipedes. They live in compost piles, under tree bark, inside cracks in stumps and logs, or in loose soil with lots of decaying bits of leaves. This animal can bed found in northwestern Europe and was accidentally introduced to the southeastern united states. There are over 1,000 of these species in the world. The population is growing steadily (they don’t have a lot of predators). This species is not considered endangered or threatened.


The Brachydesmus doesn’t have very many predators, its food is also its home sometimes, and its body is a tool for home. Their legs help them move throughout where they live. Its diet is roots, dead leaves, and other fruits. Its predators are other bugs.


What stands out about this animal is that it has many legs. There’s nothing really important about my animal, but it is cool though. I hope you enjoyed reading about this magnificent animal as much as I enjoyed learning and writing about it.