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Common name: Mexican bromeliad

Scientific name:  Metamasius callizona 

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Hexapoda
Order:  Coleoptera
Family: Curculionidae
Genus: Metamasius
Species:  M. callizona 



My project is on the Mexican Bromeliad. That is its common name; its scientific name is Metamasius Callizona. It is from Mexico and Guatemala. It spread to Florida on a ship.

The Metamasius Callizona can usually be easy to spot. They are 11-16 mm. long. They are black with a single yellow stripe on the lower back. They also have a long nose called a proboscis; also known as a snout. It attacks cultivated bromeliads. Also it takes 28.9 days for the female to lay eggs. So the Metamasius Callizona has many different characteristics ranging from interesting to not so interesting.

The Metamasius Callizona is rare in most places. But they are originally from Mexico and Guatemala. There are still several thousand remaining. So far the most Metamasius Callizona will no time be going extinct.

They feed on pineapple stems but if they cannot find pineapple, they will often go after one another. So, if you ever see one, do not be scared, they are more afraid of us humans then we are of them

The Metamasius Callizona isn’t too important. They can eat crops/flowers. Most people would though be upset to find them.

Author: Riley M. 
Published: 1/13

Sources: not listed. 
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