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Common Name: Bamboo Beetle

Scientific Name: Cyrtotrachelus dux

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Class: Insecta

Order: Coleoptera

Family: Curculionidae

Genus: Cyrtotrachelus

Species: C. dux



Distribution of this species is Bangladesh, China, India, and Sri Lanka. Adults are around 18-38 mm long; their color is from light brown to dark reddish-brown. There is only one life cycle per year. Larvae can be found on bamboo shoots from May to early October. This specie is considered a pest; they feed by sucking sap from the upper part of shoots. Damage can be characterized by a long larval tunnel; this ultimately leads to the death of the terminal shoot. Nematodes are used to control the larger bamboo shoot weevils.

Author: Chris V

Published: 5/25/05

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