Common name: Chilean sea urchin

Scientific name: Loxechinus albus


Kingdom: Animalia 

Phylum: Echinodermata
Class: Enchinoidea 

Order: Echinacia

Family: Parechinidae
Genus: Loxechinus

Species:  L. albus     



I Chose the Loxechinus albus or Chilean Sea Urchin. There are many different kinds

of sea urchins. Most of them are of different shapes and sizes. There are also many colors that sea urchins have. Some may do different things.


Its original height is six 3.9 inches. Each one has a primary tubercle. It has numerous large periproctal plates. Their primary spines are short when they are adults. They also have numerous secondary spines. The Loxechinus albus is usually a greenish color. It has a flattened dorso.


 They are found around the coastlines of  Chile and Peru. It does good in its habitat because it can spawn when its ready. They are rare in many places. It can take eight years for it’s population to return to normal. They can be eaten.


The Loxechinus albus feeds on many different species of algae. It feeds on algal detritus. Crustose coralline algae. Diatoms is another algae that it feeds on. There are several more. Their predator is found in coastal belts in Puerto toro.


  I learned the Loxechinus albus is found in Chile and Peru. It can spawn where ever it wants in its habitat. Feeds on many species of algae. Learned a few different kinds of algae. There are many different kinds of sea urchins.


Author: Anthony M.

Date Published: February 2nd.