Common name: European Edible Sea Urchin

Scientific name: Echinus esculentus 


Kingdom: Animala

Phylum: Echinodermata

Class: Echinoidea

Family: Echinodonta

Genus: Echinus

Species: E. esculentus 



The European Edible Sea Urchin has its name for a reason, the Echinus Esculentus can be eaten.  This animal is large, it eats worms and barnacles, and lives on a rocky shore. The external skeleton is called the test.  They are not in danger, in fact, the female has 4 million eggs.  They are mostly found in France and Spain.


I bet you are wondering what this Sea Urchin looks like, well I’m about to tell you.  It is large and circular. The Sea Urchin has spines but they are also retractable, these spines closely cover the test. The spines are red.  It is about fifteen to sixteen centimeters wide.  The test is a pinkish red color.  The test can also be yellow or green.  The shape of the test varies of the depth of water. They also have tube feet. This Sea Urchin is quite colorful.


The diet of the Edible Sea Urchin is worms and barnacles.  They also eat floating particles they find and algae.  They hide in the daytime because they become food. You will mostly find them at night time.


You might want to know where these Echinus Esculentus live.  They live in rocky shores near France, Spain, and the Netherlands.  They are slow how do they catch their prey you might ask, by outstretching their arms. 


The Edible Sea Urchin has many interesting things about itself.  For example, it has 4 million eggs and its external skeleton is pinkish red.  Also, it is a big predator to other ocean animals. It is gorgeous to look at but it could be dangerous. An Echinus esculentus is a crazy animal!


Author: Dakota P

Published: 02/2008