Common name: Halicornopsis Elegan  

Scientific name: Halicornopsis Elegan


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Cnidaria

Class: Hydrozoa

Order: Leptothecato

Family: Kirchenpaueriidae

Genus: Halicornopsis

Species: H. Elegan


Halicornopsis Elegans are well developed and extravagant animals. They proceed to show fascinating defensives skills and characteristics. A Halicornopsis Elegan is a Hydroid found in shallow, marine environments. This living organism may sound tedious, but it has many points of interest.

A Halicornopsis Elegan can be depicted and illustrated in innumerable means. Its magnitude can extend to 20 centimeters. While its diminutive dimension can reach 30 millimeters. A Halicornopsis Elegan varies in few colors; pale green, cream colored, or flesh colored. This species is a luxuriant colony of distinct polyps that is based together by tubular stolons, similar to roots. Halicornopsis Elegans can be named stimulating animals as seen.


Halicornopsis Elegans are found in differential places. They are generally found in the Indian Ocean, the southwest Pacific ocean, New Zealand, and southern Australia.  Their population is in no need of conservation. Halicornopsis Elegans have a necessity to live in marine territories.


A Halicornopsis Elegan has a relaxed diet that provides plenty. This species feeds on particles and plankton that flows by in strong currents. Inside the cavity of the polyp the hydrocaulus digest food particles. Also, they can use their nematocyst or stinging cells to protect themselves from a variety of predators. Halicornopsis Elegans have an essential defensive skill that provides great protection.

My animal the Halicornopsis Elegan provides knowledge about differential hydroids that includes itself. What proceeds to interest me is their protection from predatory animals. This animal can be seen as enthralling and prominent to many aspects of life.

Author: Kylee L.

Published: February 17, 2013

Sources: Elegans, February 17, 2013 hydrozoa, February 17, 2013 Hydroids, February 4, 2013

Photo credit: J. Watson, Rights at