Common name: Neptune Plant

Scientific name: Sertularia argentea


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Cnidaria

Class: Hydrzoa

Order: Hydrioda

Family: Leptothecatae

Genus: Sertularia

Species: S. argentea

The Neptune plant is known as a house plant, but is not a plant it is an animal. Most people get it because it doesn’t eat. All it needs is air and occasionally a light mist of water to keep it moist. The Neptune plant is also very cheap to take care of. The Neptune plant doesn’t need soil or something to support it. They don’t need any soil because they have no roots. It’s not a female or a male, it produces asexually.

The branches are each one colony. The branches are dead animal remains. They also have dead animal remains in there chambers. The Neptune plant has many common names, the most common would be the Air fern, Neptune plant, and the sea fir. On average it grows to be 150mm, it can grow up to the length of 300mm. also they are dead and dried colonies of hydrozoans. But this animal is also oddly like a coral and a jellyfish. It’s like coral because when one of the colonies die another grows on it.

In my opinion, the neptune plant is very beautiful. The color or Neptune plants can be pink, white, yellow, orange, green, and red. Many are found in a house or a marine. In America they are found in Hawaii. They are naturally found in tropical places like Hawaii. In water its habitat is very rocky, and where there is strong movement of water. It’s normally found in the heavy pull on the bottom of the ocean, but it’s attached to the ground so it doesn’t get pulled by the current.

Author: Nicole H

Published: 02/2008


Photo Credit: obrazky/Sertularia_argentea.jpg