Common name: Oswaldella Bifurca

Scientific name: Oswaldella bifurca

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Cnidaria

Class: Hydrozoa

Order: Leptothecata

Family: Kircheppoueriidae

Genus:  Oswaldella

Species: O. bifurca

The animal I’m going to talk about is the Oswaldella bifurca, also known as a type of coral.  I’m going to tell you about the habitat and range, the size and population, conservation status, and the diet and feeding habits. I am also going to talk about the Oswaldella Bifurca’s predators.  Lastly,  I’m going to inform you of the interesting facts about the Oswaldella Bifurca.


The general size of a full-grown Oswaldella Bifurca is 3 millimeters and can be as small as 1mm. Some of the corals are at least 3 millimeters but, many are bigger than 3 millimeters. Some corals grow at to be 15 millimeters long. The smallest is 1mm long.


The Oswaldella Bifurca lives in the Ross Sea.  The depth of the Oswaldella Bifurca coral is176.5 -1610. The range is 1.291-1.001 and the amount of oxygen is 4.775-6.773. Next, is the phosphate which is 1.960- 2.292. The habitat looks like a rainforest under the water. The is only about fourteen Osweldella Bifurca left in the Ross Sea. The Oswaldella Bifurca coral is the deepest in the Ross Sea. Finally, we have the conservation status.  The conservation status is very low because the starfish that like to eat coral and since there are more starfish than there is coral the coral is dying. So the conservation status is getting lower and not improving like it should.


Next, I am going to talk about the Oswaldella Bifurca’s diet and feeding habits.  The Oswaldella Bifurca eats small shrimp, plankton, and chewed zoxanthela. The zoxanthela is a great energy source due to coral. The Oswaldella Bifurca coral eats has little stomach holes at the top of the coral and the coral folds down and sucks its food up like a vacuum. Next, the predators of the Oswaldella Bifurca is the common Starfish. How the Starfish eats is the latches on the part he/she wants to eat and sucks on that part of the coral until it gets all its nutrients.


Finally, some interesting facts about the Oswaldella bifurca. One of the most interesting facts I found, is that corals are tiny animals and not plants.   The parent coral is called Oswsaldella Stechow. Another fact is that corals take a while to grow depending on how big they will be.  Lastly, there are at least 34 named coral reefs.


The animal I wrote about is called the Oswaldella Bifruca. I told you about the habitat and range, the size and population and conservation status.  I also described the diet and feeding habits and talked about the its predators.  The last thing I talked about was interesting facts. As you can see, there are many things about the Oswaldella Bifurca that you and I did not know before reading this report.  


Author: Sarah B
Published: 02/2013