Common name: Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat

Specific Name: Lasiorhinus krefftii

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Diprotodontia

Family: Vombatidae

Genus: Lasiorhinus
Species: L. Krefftii

The Northern Hairy-Nosed wombat has an average height of forty centimeter's, which is about the size of the average puppy. Also the average male weight is thirty kilogram's and the females weight is thirty-two point five kilogram's. Next the male head-to body length is about one hundred centimeter's. The status of the wombat is currently endangered since two-thousand seven.


The Northern Hairy-Nosed wombat is one of the rarest animals on earth. Also it is the largest burrowing animal. Like the other two wombat species it has a stock [fit] build, a short tail, and strong small hind legs. The large head has pointed ear's, small eye's and long whisker's. The front paws are used for burrowing with strong claw's. It has soft silver, grey and brownish fur with dark rings around its eyes. Males and females are similar in appearance but males are a little bit shorter in length. They have thicker necks and stockier shoulders.


The range of the wombat is about ninety of their kind. Their habitat is semi arid flat ground or gum tree.


The wombat's threats are humans and dingoes. The wombats are food for the dingoe's. I have learned a lot about the hairy nosed wombat.


Author: Jason L.

Published: 04/2012