Family - Dasyuridae

(Marsupial Mice, Qualls, Devil)


Did you know that, Dasyuridae is a family of Marsupuials, including 61 species. The smallest species is the Pilbara Ningaui, which weighs 2-9 grams and its length is 4.6 to 5.7 cm. One of the largest Dasyuridae species is the Tasmanian Devil, it is 57-65 cm long and it weighs from 6-8 kilograms. Many of these species are mouse like and some are not. Most are roughly the size of mice, but a few species are much larger than others. Dasyurids are mostly insectivorous, but they also eat small lizards, fruits, and flowers. As you can see, some animals or their family are very interesting to learn about.

Author: Omar F
Published: 01/2012