Common Name: Common Wombat

Scientific Name: Vombatus ursinus

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Diprotodontia

Family: Vombatidae

Genus: Vombatus

Species: V. ursinus

Wombats are Australian, they are short legged. They are about 1 meter [3 feet]. They have cute short tails, digges burrows with rodent like front teeth and claws wombats risk not eating on cool days or overcast days. They are hard to see, they eat grass, sedges, herbs, bark, and roots. Wombats are very slow metabolism, taking about 14 days to be done. They move slowly as well. They will attack wombats are a little afraid of humans. They're bite is 2 cm deep, they do not make good pets in the long run. The fur color can be sandy or brown, or grey as well as black. The ancestors of today's wombats involved sometime between 55 and 26 million years ago [no useful fossil record has yet been found for time and 12 species flourished until well into the ice.


Author: Kaitlin A
Published: 02/2007


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