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Common Name: Hoolock gibbon
Scientific Name: Hylobates Hoolock

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum:  Chordata
 Class: Mammalia
 Order: Primates
Family: Hylobatidae
Genus: Hylobates
Species: H. Hoolock


The Hoolock Hoolock is not only a unique looking animal but has a specialized characteristic. The unique characteristic that makes up this animal is that it produces a belching growl.  This is the only known species to do so. The scientific name of the Hoolock Hoolock is the hoolock gibbon. The gibbon has 1 species and 2 subspecies.

Some of the physical characteristics of the Hoolock Gibbon is the coloration of it. The Hoolock Gibbon has different colors.  Most of the gibbons have black hair, with a pale brown, and a dark brown hair on the sides of the face. They also vary in height. The average height for a Hoolock could reach up to 11 meters long and weighs approximately 17 lbs. Hoolock Hoolock also sleeps in trees, primarily with the knees tucked into its chest and their arms around themselves, and they typically sleep in the taller trees and on slopes or hilltops.

The Hoolock Gibbon is found in India or China where is located in Asia. They live in forests in Asia where they are found hanging on trees. It can also be found in contiguous canopy. Their habitat has been lost for over 30-40 years. There are approximately 200- 280 Hoolocks left in the world. The Hoolock Gibbon has been almost extinct for years. Luckily, there are still some out there in the world. These almost extinct animals are hunted for medicine. Those who have survived try to hide in big trees were they live. They are being consumed by large cats, birds of prey, and pythons. Hoolock gibbons provide a valued function in their ecosystems. For humans, their unique form and behaviors, including aerobatic movement through the forest canopy, adds to the wonder of nature. They can live up to 40 years. They live in high canopy in a hot and wet climate.

The Hoolock Gibbon normally is known to eat fruits, grass, and leaves. One amazing fact about this unique animal is that it could survive without eating for days.  At least 60% of the feeding habit for the Hoolock is fruit. They spend at least 40 -45 minutes a day in eating a meal.  The Hoolock Gibbons are omnivorous, while eating a matter of plants.  They also consume invertebrates, such as insects and birds eggs.
Some interesting facts of the Hoolock Gibbon are that they are acrobatic animals. These animals can create amazing stunts using tree branches.  They swing at amazing speed.  They are also known to be great runners.  It can reach in its speed up to 56 mph. That is almost as fast as a cheetah!

Author: Joseph V. 
Published: 01/17/13

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