Family - Megalonychidae
(Two-Toed Sloths)


The Megalonychidae family consists of the two toed sloth. They are medium sized animals with bodies more than half a meter in length and weigh about 9kg. They live in Central America, northern South America, and in the Amazon Basin. The megalonychidae family’s main source of food is leaves, fruit, buds, and some small vertebrates. The two toed sloth as it is normally called, has an internal body temperature of 24 degrees C to 33 degrees C. Its fur color is pale grey-brown long fur. Below the outer fur they also have an inner layer of fine short fur. The arms end in two long claws giving it the name the two toed sloth. They also use their claws to attack predators.  They live up in the high trees and move slowly to where ever they want to go. As you can see the two toed sloth is a very interesting and important animal.

Author: Max T
Published: 10/2012