Family - Dasypodidae


The family Dasypodidae contains Armadillos. Armadillos range from the central United States south through Central and South America. They are by far the most diverse group of xenarthrans. The defining feature of armadillos is their shell. Their shell structure consists of bony scutes covered with thin keratinous plates. Armadillos vary in size from the tiny fairy armadillo to the giant armadillo.  Body length ranges from about 125 mm to around 1 m. The postcranial skeleton of armadillos is much modified for digging and to accommodate the shell. The skulls of these armadillos are flattened with a long lower jaw. Most armadillos are not gregarious, living solitarily or in sometimes in pairs. A few sometimes travel in small bands.

Author: Ethan M
Published: 10/2012